Chronicles of Free Spirit Riders

The year was 1987 and the month was February” is the first sentence in “The Chronicles of Free SPIRIT Riders: A Quarter Century of Therapeutic Horsemanship.” The book is filled with information about the Free SPIRIT (Special people In Riding Therapy) Rider's start and progress throughout the program's first 25 years.

Along with the history, much of the information has been taken from newsletters written by Mary Narges beginning in the early 90s. Each newsletter focused on a program participant and also served to educate the volunteers and readers about that individual's specific challenges by the side bar article that was about that participant's challenges and the benefits of therapeutic riding for them.  The newsletters also featured a “Volunteer in the Spotlight” and occasionally an article about one of the program's “four legged therapists.” Those historical documents  help to make up the book. The book also contains many inspirational quotes that inspired the program along the way and were also in the newsletters.

Mary Narges is a Co-founder and Executive Director of Free SPIRIT Riders, Inc. in Fond du LacWisconsin.

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